Sourcing products from China was never so easy

At Janetsourcing, we will help you find factories, get excellent rates, ensure premium quality, and deliver products safely.

With Janetsourcing agent on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service.

Janetsourcing will take care of every step for you. You don’t even need to pay any upfront charges.

Cusomization of  product smaples

Comprehensive product sourcing


  consultation for

import and export

Expect inspection  

ensuring product


We offer the following services for China sourcing

Free of charge warehouse storage in China

Arrangement for low-cost shipping to door


        Production                  follow-up to ensure             quality

Free professional product photography

Customization packaging and private labels making

Detailed product inspection reports and audits

Customization for graphic design

     Strategic price   negotiations with            suppliers

Pro Plan


With only 5 to 10% commission fee,you can enjoy all premium services

        We offer four different plans:                           Free,Basic,Pro,Extra

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Free Plan


For all following services

No Hidden Charges


Free detailed product sourcing

Getting quotes from suppliers

Consultation on project costs

Manufacturing and production solutions

Arrange customized samples

Collection samples&inspection

Consultation on import/expert complicance

Consultation on compliance certifications

Suppliers verification

Order follow-up

Customization for products

Customization for products packaging

Offer private label solutions

Professional product photography

General product quality inspection

Warehouse storage for up to 2


Arrangement shipping to door

Your customer representative in China

Basic Plan

Start from $5

Price will be quoted by inquiry



agent Sample collection/shipping

Authenticate supplier’s legitimacy
report(3 ways)

Random inspection+arrangement for shipping

Extra Services

Custom price

Price will be quoted by inquiry

Graphic designing

Product research

Product re-packing/bundle/labeling

Factory visit for export production

Hiring and handling labor force in China

Professional product/lifestyle photography & video

Customization for packaging and labels

Customization products inspection service(general/1 by 1)
Janetsourcing for the best way to source from China

Let the most transparent China sourcing agent help you in starting your importing venture

Free sourcing
Free to start sourcing
60 days money-back guarantee no questions
Supplyia stands by the quality of its services
8% cheaper product manufacturing prices
The best price deal you will get in China
90% less risk, fault and malfunctioning issues
We do intense inspection to ensure quality
100% comprehensive after-sales responsibility
We inspect, we deliver, we take responsibility
2.5 times more efficient sourcing systems
Fast, productive processes to deliver in time
              How will we accelerate your business growthAs a reliable China sourcing company, we have strong and compete supply chain services
China sourcing agent
Our proven sourcing process ensures a quality product at the best price, delivery on time, and reducing the risk of importing from China
China Inspection Agent
Our nationwide on-site/off-site inspection with quality control engineers and auditors cover all major cities and industrial locations in China
China Shipping Agent
Our freight shipping tips, tools, and guides drive better global logistics for import from China: Air express, Ocean freight, Train freight, DDP...
Our extra services can help you solve any other concerns: Photography, Product research, Certificate application, Master learning courses...
China Importing Knowledges for Beginners
Is DHgate safe to buy from?  Many people have doubts about China’s DHgate website, issued such question...

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