1. Find a suitable supplier for you.

We are not good at all products, our strengths are: power tools, hand tools, car care products. Because I have been in the manufacturer of this kind of products for nearly 10 years, I am very familiar with these tools and the supply chain of the industry.
In addition to these kinds of products, there are also commodity. Because our company is in Yiwu, Zhejiang. This is the commodity capital of the world. Here has the largest market in the world.

With this geographical advantage, it is also very convenient for us to find this kind of products.
So we are good at four items : power tools, hand tools, car care products and commodity.

2. Inspect the goods and factories for you.

Goods: the first is the appearance, color, packaging, size and material of the product. The second is the performance of the product, certificate. There are a lot of tests that electrical products need to pass, and we will test them one by one. And provide you with a detailed report.
Factories: the production equipment of the factory, the number of personnel, the employment certificate of various professional and technical jobs, the training for the staff, the production capacity of the factory. Honors won in China and internationally. Which famous companies and brands in the world have you worked with? The development history of the factory and so on.

3. Provide re-packaging for the product.

If it is some small parcels, such as some samples, we can repackage and integrate several small parcels.
If the quantity of the order is not very large, the factory cannot customize the packing for you. We can make the specified packing according to your request.

4. Warehousing service.

Our company has two warehouses, which can store your order for you.

5. Follow up the whole process of goods production and strictly control every link in the supply chain.

Supply chain refers to the functional chain structure that revolves around the core enterprise, starts with supporting parts, makes intermediate products and final products, and finally delivers the products to consumers by the sales network, and connects suppliers, manufacturers, distributors to the end users as a whole. The management idea of supply chain management is to seek the optimization of the supply chain as a whole through the cooperation between enterprises from the point of view of consumers. Successful supply chain management can coordinate and integrate all the activities in the supply chain, and finally become an integrated process of seamless connection.

6. International freight services.

International ExpressDHL, TNT, UPS,FedEx, EMS etc
Sea transportation: LCL, FCL
Air transportion.
Amazon FBA Service.